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11th Anniversary Party: Polaroid Block Lottery , What does the Quilt say? , Name Me!


10th Anniversary Party: Black/White 4Patch Block Lottery , Sorted Letters , Crossover , Two to Six , 10 Minute Mini Pouch     


9th Anniversary Party: Pincushion Pillow Wrap , Who am I ? , Famous Quilter

Add on Block Swap a bit uncommon but hopefully funny


8th Anniversary Party: Trees , Stories , Fantasy , Haiku

Adventcalendar Swap II- Inchies, closed


7th Anniversary Party: MasterMind ,Word Scramble ,Color Me

Adventcalendar Swap I- Inchies, closed


Fabric Postcard Swap: It's Raining Cats & Dogs

6th Anniversary Party: What am I ? , Wordpuzzle    solved


Ugly Swap  closed, Queen of Uglies and more

5th Anniversary Party: Find the Pairs , Mystery  - Gallery


Fortune Cookie Challenge 2008         

4th Anniversary Party: Bingo , Magic Pictures , Mystery  - Gallery

Valentine Card Swap  Sewingday Jan 27th 


3rd Anniversary Party: RS Lottery , What is it? , Mysteryquilt and The End for the nosy ones

Harmony in the Chaos Challenge 2007  solve the secret of the brown paper bag   

Inchies made and swapped Sewingday Nov. 25   

Pincushions  made Sewingday Sept. 30, then swapped

Ufo Challenge 2007  a never ending story


2nd Anniversary Party: Black/White Lottery , Numbergame , Who is Who?

Canada Reunion: Block Guess , Finishing Reward

Crazy Block Round Robin 2006  block pictures   

Threadspools   online class 

Ufo Challenge 2006   extended from 2005 cause of great success


Anniversary Party   Block Lottery > Mailinglist , Bingo winner , Wordscramble solution and winner

5 Words Challenge assigned words have to be shown in a quilt

Flower Power Swap closed

Ufo Challenge 2005 quilts we got finished with a little kick


Personality Swap     IT'S ME, say it with blocks

Quiltbook for Betty, pictures of the Pages

Twister  online class , for pics click here

Ufo Challenge 2004  and the winner is...


Fruits   results from an online class in Sept. 2003

Ufo Game 2003   and the winners are.....


Applique Block Round 2002

Ufo Buddy Challenge Game 2002


Challenge   "Engel landing in Vienna"

Rainforest   results from an online class

 Engel Lounge