Engel Bee

Finishing Reward 2006

Game # 2 for all EngelBees who DID attend the Canadian reunion in May 2006

3 Prizes are given for completed EngelBee Wallhangings

They are not as usual going to the first 3 finisher, it could also be #2, #4, #7 or any number, until the secret number for the 3rd winner is reached.  The winning numbers are already chosen and saved.  So you could be a lucky winner being fast, but also for being slow. That's tricky Bonnie!

The prizes below should give you enough kick to get your quilt done soon


 Prize #1 Prize #2  Prize #3
The Quilter's Edge Book Quilt of Belonging Book 4 Fat Quarters
from Bonnie from Bonnie from Lola

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