Polaroid Block Lottery

Say Cheese

For 1 Block:
1 square 3 inch, fussy cut
from white fabric - 1 strip 3 x 1 inch, 1 strip 3 x 1,5 inch, 2 strips 4,5 x 1 inch
Sew to the top of the square the smaller, and to the bottom the wider strip. Sew the left strips to both sides. Press all seams to the white fabric. Don't trim the block now. The recipient can then do it to the wanted size.
You can enter up to 10 blocks. Each block is one chance to win. The winner will get all entered blocks by direct mailing.
To get an idea how to set the blocks in a quilt look into Google or other search machines for Polaroid quilts.

 blocks mailed to our winner Carolina