Harmony in the Chaos Challenge 2007


Everyone who signs up has to send to me:

1. fabrics, that can be any fiber, color, leftovers or scraps as long as they are adding up to a 1/2 yard (please avoid polyester or difficult and stretching materials)
2. embellishments, that can be ribbons, beads, buttons, charms, yarn, lace,
what ever you can think of or have left from a project. All in all it should be a hand full.
3. 2 Euros or 2 Dollars to cover the returnpostage.

I'll put all your goodies in a big box, mixing all up, and you'll get that
"secret brown bag" back. From the "bag content" you have to put together a
quilt, adding more fabric and other stuff as desired, just bringing


The theme, technique, style and more is up to you.
Only one more rule: All quilts have to be the same size of 30 x 30 inch or
75 x 75 cm.

You can start signing up and sending to me any time until the end of the year. In the first days of January 2007 I'll mail out all baggies and then you have UNTIL JULY 31th, 2008 to make your quilt.
Of course, I'll take a picture of every bag's content, to see if you really have used up all items.
I hope you enjoy the new challenge and are all eager to sign up.
And yes, there will be prizes given too, and pictures at our HP when the first envelopes are arriving at my home.


for our brave participants