8th Anniversary

Stories - true or false?

Story #1 by Kaija - Liisa:

Someone has dived under an island on a nearby lake here


Story #2 by Barbie:

I would like to tell all of you about the incredible experience I had last summer at my girlfriend’s house. Here is my story…..

Last spring, my husband, Dale and I were visiting friends who live on a farm about one hour and a half from us. We were at their place for a week just enjoying being together and spending time outdoors walking, fishing, and sitting at nice outdoor bonfires. My friend, Joyce and her husband, Wally have a variety of farm animals…three goats, two magnificent horses which we rode everyday and enjoyed immensely, hens, chickens, three cows(one was pregnant) and one huge black bull! We had such a great time feeding the animals and just watching them and petting them. I love farm life!!!

About three days after we arrived, we were noticing that the one cow (who was very much pregnant) was looking as if she was in distress. We soon found out that she was in labor and was about to deliver her calf. I was so excited because I had never seen such a thing in real life before. She went for quite a few hours and nothing was happening. That was when Wally had to decide whether to help the cow out or let her be distressed and have a long labor. He reached the decision that he had to help her out. He went to his barn and came back with a long set of chains with some type of metal cuffs on the ends. I have never seen anything like these before, but this is what farmers use to aid in the delivery of baby calves, especially if the baby was breech. The next few hours were very hard and exhausting for all of us because as I will tell you, we all had a part in the delivery of this cow’s baby calf! It turned out that this calf WAS breech, meaning it was coming out feet first and that is why it was taking so long to be born. The next thing we had to do was go inside the mother and hook up the chains to the baby’s legs and actually pull the calf out. Guess what!!! Someone had to put their arms inside the cow and hook up the chains to the baby’s legs. I was definitely NOT going to attempt to do this, so Dale and Wally started to take the task upon themselves. They both put on long plastic gloves and started to feel their way around the birth canal. It was very cramped for them as they had big arms to begin with. They couldn’t move their own arms let alone attach the chains to the baby’s legs. I ended up having to don the gloves and try to help the mother cow out. She was feeling so much pain I hated to look at her. Once I had my arms in the birth canal, I could feel the baby’s legs and was able to attach the chains and metal cuffs to its legs. With a slow and steady pull from the men, the baby calf slowly began to emerge from its mother. It seemed like an eternity, but at last the baby calf was born and we spanked it, (which I thought was kind of weird, I thought only humans were spanked) and cleared its nostrils out to help it to breath. It finally took its first breath and we all breathed our own sigh of relief. Helping it to stand, the baby calf looked around and made a bleating sound as if to say thank you for the help. What an exhilarating experience. I am sure I will never experience this again in my lifetime, but it was one I will never forget.


Story # 3 by Kjersti:

When I was a child our family went on holiday to another country and our car broke down. It looked like it would take weeks to fix it until we found out that the works manager at the garage and my mother had been play mates and next door neighbors in their childhood. The car was fixed in no time...


Story # 4 by Linda D:

I was driving down a winding curvy country road the other day. I love to watch for nature while driving. Up ahead I noticed something big in the road. As I got closer and closer this big then did not move. WOW!! It was 2 Bald Eagles in the road eating something that was killed the night before, we call it road kill. Oh another one, possible a young Bald Eagle along the side of the road. Now one of the Eagles in the middle of the road did move off the road as I got closer but the other Eagle decided it wanted its
food instead of its life. Anyway I did have to put on my brakes and at the last minute the last of the eagles did decide to move out of my way. I love Bald Eagles, they are so big and beautiful.


Story # 5 by Liz S:

Last week I walked into a quilt shop and bought nothing!!! Is this true?!!

Story # 6 by Gunta:

Dear Rita and another E/B(s)! You know how much all of us wish to be happy or speak about it? It is! So with me it's  the same. Usually I think - what can I do, I am far away, no quilting friends near me and.... The list of it grows up and some bowl is filled with tears. Something happend one day and I went to meet Tallu in Riga. She was one brave girl and came to Riga and we spent nice time with her. I was feeling so good!!! Tallu is one really EngelBee! It is ! All soft blue colors, she as personality is very Finish. We are proud we met her. It is me and my DH. So bad this time was short and quite busy . Of course- it is nice some one You meet with the same interests and You can speak ! My story is very short, but it is happy story.


Story # 7 by Cecelia:

When I was a little girl, Santa Claus came in the front door one Christmas. I was very afraid of this man with the white beard and the red suit. Even the cat was afraid. It howled and ran in circles. Then it ran into the kitchen and peed on the floor.


Story # 8 by Brigitte T:
Years ago, when I was a teenage-girl, I had an appointment at my dentist just on my birthday.
Before the dentist started to do his job I begged:,, Please, don´t hurt me to much today, because its my birthday!"
He laughed and said:,,I have heard many excuses in my life, but this is the most unusual.
Don´t forget, that you can not tell me fairy-tales, because I have all your data on your index-card.
Here is written, that your birthday is not today, but in July."
,,No, my birthday is today!", I sulky replied.,,Stop to lie", he said with an angry look ,,and now open your mouth, I must extract your bad tooth!". But I kept my mouth closed.
With tongs in his left and an injection in his right hand he ordered meanwhile very angry:,,P-l-e-a-s-e o-p-e-n your mouth now!" .
In this moment his wife, who was his assistent, cried:,,Stop! You have the wrong index-card! I have detected, that we have two patients with the same name and the other one has birthday today."
Possibly the dentist would have extracted a wrong tooth if I have not had birthday on that day.


Story # 9 by Jaki:
A few days after our youngest son was born, we went to visit my husbands parents. They were excited to see the new baby. While we were there, in walks my husbands sister, accompanied by my all time favorite artist. I was
so excited to meet this artist, I became very tongue- tied! He took pictures of our newborn son, to use as reference in possible future paintings. True or not?


Story # 10 by Linda M:

When I was 12 years old or so, my girlfriend and I went to a fair or carnival, you know where they have all those rides. We decided to ride the ferris wheel. I was nervous on the ride so I was ready to get off when the seat we were in came to a stop.
The man opened the bar so we could go out; my girlfriend stepped out onto the wooden base where the seat would rest while we were getting out. I stood up *in* the seat and it was not properly on the wooden rest and I fell about 3.5 m to the ground but the seat was heavy so it scraped me all the way down one side and pushed me against the wooden ramp, so that I was scraped down each side of my body. The owner of the carnival came running and said I could have any prize in the fair, so being I was just learning about the Catholic Church, I chose a lovely ceramic cross with Jesus being crucified. I don't have any scars but I couldn't walk for two days. also don't have the Jesus statue anymore.


Story # 11 by Beth:

My daughter Stacey fell in gymnastics and hurt her hand. The doctor was a personal friend of my husbands so agreed to stay late and take care of her. While we were waiting for the x-rays a nurse came back complaining to the doctor that there was a high school kid on crutches who also wanted to be seen, and could she turn him away since they were closed. It turned out to be my son Nick, who got a severe ankle sprain at soccer practice at the same time Stacey broke her fingers at the gym.