Engel Bee


Ufos??? Where???

No, there are only angels and stArs to see!!!

Our challenge for the year 2004 should be very easy to fulfill.

Take one of your quilting projects laying on the backburner or somewhere else hidden in a pile, dig it out and start working on it again.

Now here is the hook:

There has to be an angel or star in your quilt.

Now, do not start whining, saying there is no use of it possible in your piece.

Although it would be nice to see such a block, including a scrap of angel- or starfabric or even a quilted motiv would do the trick.

No signing up necessary. Just have a picture of your finished, former Ufoquilt sent to me ( rita) by

JANUARY 31, 2005.

our dear christine is donating a prize for one lucky Engel, assigned by a drawing.

And the winner is





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