Engel Bee


Hi Buddy, I need a kick in the ... to finish my quilt.

 ( Hi Buddy, I need a kick in the ... to finish my quilt. )

The  Goal

To make an UFO into a finished quilt

The Rules

Every player gets an Ufo-Buddy and is Buddy, but not to the same person. The Buddy has to send a piece of fabric or scraps, equal the amount of a FQ to the "victim". At least half of the fabric has to be used in the Ufo-quilt. The job of the Buddy is to encourage , help, and of course, to remind of the deadline.

The quilt has to be finished with  

 December 31, 2002

Pictures are welcome any time .

The Awards

Every participant will get a little thank you gift, independent of finishing or not. 

Also we'll have a drawing of main prizes for the finished quilt entries.

1st Prize    a fabric kit for the quilt Illusion by Caryl Bryer Fallert from Exquisity Patchwork, donated by Rita

2nd Prize  a surprise , donated by Doerte

3rd Prize   a surprise, donated by Doerte

Special Prize   donated by Lorenza

Surprise Prize  donated by Kaija-Liisa

Ribbons, created by Doerte, for the  3 best projects decided by a voting


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