Engel Bee

2nd Anniversary Party - June 3, 2006

Black/White Lottery


To qualify for the drawing you have to cut SIX inch squares from white/black and black/white fabric, 100% cotton, good quality. No solids. The pattern on the fabric must be black on white or white on black. Please no dark blue, grey, creme, beige or light yellow. ONE set consists of 1 black/white and 1 white/black square. No more than six sets with the same fabric.

Entries must be told until June 2, 2006. The squares have to be sent to the lucky winner after the drawing, which will be held during our Anniversary Party.


You can enter up to 12 sets to get more chances.



4 sets Angelika
6 sets Barbie
6 sets Beth  
3 sets Betty  
3 sets Betty from Birthdaybuddy
3 sets Beverly  
4 sets Bonnie  
3 sets Brigitte K  
4 sets Brigitte T  
3 sets Christa  
6 sets Christa from Birthdaybuddy
3 sets Ellen "because everything is not black or white" from anonymous
3 sets Gunta "I too want to play" from anonymous
3 sets Helen  
3 sets Imi from a secret friend
3 sets Inger Marie  
3 sets Ingrid  
3 sets Jaki  
3 sets Jenny from Birthdaybuddy
3 sets Jenny "because everything is not black or white" from anonymous
3 sets Jettie  
3 sets Judy M  
3 sets Kaija-Liisa  
4 sets Karen  
3 sets Kate  
6 sets Kelley  
3 sets Kjersti from Birthdaybuddy
3 sets Kjersti  
1 set Lani donated by Lita
1 set Linda  
3 sets Linda from Birthdaybuddy
3 sets Liz B.  
3 sets Liselotte  
1 set Lita  
2 sets Lola  
3 sets Lola from Birthdaybuddy
3 sets Lorenza from a secret friend
3 sets Marianne  
2 sets Marion  
3 sets Oddbjorg  
3 sets Oddbjorg from a secret friend
3 sets Rita  
3 sets Silke  
3 sets Tina  
6 sets Vivi from Birthdaybuddy
3 sets Wilma from a secret friend
149 sets total in pot