Engel Bee

3rd Anniversary Party - June 3, 2007

Mystery Quilt

Material needed:
12 different squares, 5 inch in size
5 inch of matching fabric for border 2
2 widths of fabric for binding (I use 2 inch strips)
ribbon or lace, about 3/8 inch wide, 3 yards
matching yarn, 1 yard, large needle
8 buttons (optional)
1 Fat Quarter of accent fabric, matching the ribbon, for border 1 and hanging loops
Batting 25 inch x 20 inch
Backing 25 inch x 20 inch


Step 1

We start with sewing the squares together in a setting of 4 horizontal and 3 vertical. To get this result sew 4 squares into a row, then put the rows together. Iron the seamallowance to the opposite side in each row.


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