Add On Block Swap




Make a 16 1/2 inch block of your choice, hem the edges. Send the block to the next member in your group.

When you get a block you have four weeks to add something and send it further. Allowed is any technique like embroidery, embellishing, applique, painting, dyeing........ you even can cut up the block and arrange it new aslong as you keep the size. In trying to keep the postage low please avoid any big or heavy embellishments. It should be possible to wrap the folded block in plastic and to put it in an usual flat envelope.

The owner of the block is not allowed to make any wishes. Just wait until you get your block back. Of course this can be a big surprise and you won't recognize your piece again. If you are able to accept this possible outturn you are welcome to play.

The size of the block would make a nice pillow, but that's just a suggestion.