10 Minute Mini Pouch

You need:
2 different fabric squares, 8 inch
1 8 inch square fusible web
2 Buttons, about 1/2 inch diameter
matching thread
hand sewing needle, thimble (optional)
marking pen or pins
sewing machine
iron and board
Iron the fusible web to the back of one square. Lay the 2 squares together with right sides facing, sew around with a 1/4" seamallowance, leaving an opening for turning. Trim the corners, turn out to the right side. Press to get nice edges and corners. Step around with about 1/8" from the edge = that closes the opening too. Fold the square on the diagonal to get a triangle. The inside fabric will show as the divided square on the finished pouch. At the bottom of the triangle measure and mark 3/4" from both end points. Sew the buttons there in place. Fold again the triangle. Measure and mark 1 1/2" from the top of the triangle on both sides. Sew together with a few stitches at the marking. Now slip the buttons into the slit, press the forming square and you are done.