Engel Bee


Swaphostess : Rita


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Deadline for sending in the blocks is July 31, 2005

Make 4 flower blocks as described in the instructions

1 Set = either keep one block and put the remaining 3 blocks into a bag or send all 4 blocks in, but then be aware to get only "foreign" blocks. Allowed are up to 5 sets. The green fabrics can be used in other sets too, but the flower color has to be different. Label each block with your name and emailaddy.

Used material has to be 100% cotton, prewashed.

Colors : green for the background, any color for the flower, black and white for the center. Please no solids, juvenile or holiday prints.

Blocksize : 6 1/2 inch unfinished

Don't forget to include a self addressed envelope and a proper amount for returnpostage to get your swapped blocks back.