Engel Bee

Fortune Cookies Challenge 2008

Our challenge 2008 is going away this time from the usual quiltmaking towards the textile arts. When you sign up you'll get a Fortune Cookie, of course made of fabric, containing a paper strip with a Chinese Proverb. Your task is it to express the meaning of that proverb in a journalquilt, size 9 x 11 inch. At least half of the used material and half of the background should be of any kind of fabric, the strip has to be included in some place. It can be done as a quilt with the usual batting and backing, but also simply glued to a cardboard or put in a frame. That's your choice. It can be a collage, artsy or traditional and you are allowed to add any material and techniques you like. Finishing deadline June 1, 2009, and yes, we want to see a photo by then.


Chinese Proverbs



How to make a Fabric Fortune Cookie