5 Words Quilt Challenge 2005

to see your assigned words

of finished quilts

Here are the rules:

It's your turn to make a little quilt by including the sense or meaning
of the words in any kind.
The quilt should be approximately 40 inch square, but no less than 15 inch
square. Of course any other form than a square is also permitted.
Allowed is any technique and use of material as long as the piece is a
quilt, which has to be made from a top, batting, backing and quilted.
Additional to the quilt you'll have to give a short description about your
thoughts and use of the words.
To get eligible for a prize a photo of your finished quilt must be sent until

December 31, 2005.

We'll select a jury from 3 listmembers (who are not in the challenge) to
judge the quilts for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
Of course there will be nice prizes to win (donations are welcome).

Attention: All quilts that get finished at least June 2006 have to be mailed to Rita and will be shown at the Exquisity Patchwork shop in Vienna during July and August 2006.

  1st Prize:  A Wordjacket. W O W !!!, donated by Bente

Crazy Prize: a box full of items for a crazy quilt, donated by Christa for the funniest, craziest quilt

Mystery Prize: Jim Shore Angel, donated by Anonymous, who reserves the right to decide for a winner

Beaded Prize: 10 hanks with different beads, donated by Jaki for the best embellished quilt

The words given:

Love, Family, Happiness, Heirloom, Peace  (Bente)

Horizon, Puzzle, Orange, Spiral, Path (Beth)

Hope, Chaos, Spirit, Fantasy, Passion  (Betty)

Kittens, Mittens, Fuzzy, Apple Pie, Home (Bev)

Attraction, Rainbow, Fancy, Opposites, Maze (Bonnie)

Sweet, International, Moon, Safe, Experience (Christa)

Blue, Desert, Diving, Faithful, Stars (Christine)

Canada, Mountain, Wildlife, Camping, Niagara Falls  (Doerte)

Cat, Book, Colour, Angel, Hot (Frauke)

Stone, Insect, Frog, Bush, Gate (Gunta)

Japan, West, Red, Cold, Rhythm (Helen)

Rose, United, Sun, Relaxed, Joy (Ingrid)

Dignity, Humble, Hilarity, Contented, Strength  (Jaki)

Fever, Room, Pleasure, Dog, Quilt  (Jettie)

Holiday, Purple, Ribbon, Symphony, Plaid (Judy)

Console, Fresh, Listen, Phase, Spread (Joyce)

Mischievous, Felicity, Bassoon, Purple, Sparrow (Kaija-Liisa)

Memories, Threads, Organized, Movement, Loop (Kjersti)

Rejoice, Movement, Groovy, Metropolis, Westbury (Lita)

Happiness, Cat, Sunshine, Memories, Daisies (Lola)

Freedom, Fields, Circle, Lights, Snow  (Lorenza)

Hope, Rest, Music, Friendship, Water (Marianne)

Night, Rose, Red, Glass, Coffee (Marlis)

Lake, Yellow, Sunshine, Warm, Man  (Rita)

Strength, Friendship, Peace, Mother, Tulips  (Ulla)

China, Blue, Miniature, Flower, Music  (Wilma)