7th Anniversary




What is in which Inchie Box?




  01. You won't find a girls best friend in the box.
  02. One of the items could also be the name of a sweet girl.
  03. I like to be collected.
  04. Double my holes and you'll find the right box.
  05. I can be worn, but not on a finger.
  06. I am round, colorful and fragile.
  07. Remove "thimble" from your lists, there is no such item in the boxes.
  08. None of the items has to do with quilting. Although it would be possible do use most of them as embellishments.
  09. Addition to hint 6: Murano in Italy.
  10. Originally I am made from wood.
  11. The wooden item is nowadays in plastic.
  12. Let the fragile item roll.
  13. You find me in the Mystery Gallery at our party in 2009.
  14. At Christmas I have white and red stripes.
  15. I have a sharp point, but I am not a needle.
  16. Put your right hand under the boxes in the picture. Give the rolling item in the box your forefinger is pointing at.
  17. Some are heavy colored, some are to see through and have little drops inside.