Fabric Fortune Cookies

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1. Cut out a 5 inch circle.



2. From a medium thick polyester batting cut a half 5 inch circle. The batting should be separable, or use 2 layers of thin batting.


3. Fold the circle in half, putting the batting between.


4. Step with a 1/4 inch seam around the half circle, securing the ends with backstitches.


5. Fold the half circle into a quarter. Close the open side with a few stitches about 3/4 inch from the edge.



6. Cut the round with a pair of zig zag scissors,

7. or use a special blade with your rotary cutter, or simple cut out triangles.


8. Grip the cookie on top and pull to both sides, catching also the batting.

9. This is what your cookie should look like, feeling the batting evenly distributed.


10. Pull again a little so that the top is showing more fabric than the bottom.

11. Your cookie is done.

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