Engel Bee

Folded Flowers for Wreath with 12 Petals


1.For one petal are needed TWO 4 1/2" squares, either in one color or different 2.Put squares right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam all around, trim corners
3.Cut a slit for turning into the backside just a little down from center 4.Turn square, workout corners nicely, iron flat
5.Put square on point on a surface, slitside up (slit in the half below to get covered by the folds) 6.Fold bottom point to top point, iron fold
7.Fold back the front triangle, having the point 1/4" over the bottom edge, iron fold 8.Catch the right corner and fold it to the point shown by the arrow, make a good, crisp crease
9.Repeat with the other side 10.Now put up the edge of the triangle to match the last made folds
11.Fold the flaps to the center 12.Secure with a few stitches by hand
Enjoy your first made petal    


For the wreath you need to make 12 petals. Stitch the outer edges of the petals together by hand from the back side, by holding the petals face to face, until the wreath is finished. Prepare a big enough background square and sew down the wreath only at the small formed triangles by using little beads. Add borders, quilt your piece and put on the binding. Don't forget to add a sleeve at the back for hanging.

Embellish the wreath with ribbons, buttons and more.

Enjoy your new quilt.