Crazy Block on Muslin

finished size 8 inch

1. Cut a 9 1/2 inch square of white muslin

2. Put the first piece right side up onto the muslin

3. Put a second piece right side down matching an edge, pin, sew down with 1/4 inch seam

4.Flip sewn piece, press firmly. From the backside of the muslin with the help of a ruler elongate the next edge and with the cutter trim away the unneeded fabric.

4. This is how the straight edge is looking at the front

5. Again lay a piece of fabric along the edge

6. Pin, sew


7. Again cut a straight edge from the backside. Be careful and don't cut into the muslin!

8. Add a piece on another edge, pin, sew, flip, press. Keep on with adding more pieces

9. Another possibility to cut the edge is to mark the straight line

10. Cut away the overlapping fabric with a scissor

11. The more you get to the outside, the bigger the pieces are to cover the muslin. Simply pre sew two pieces together before adding to the block

12. When all "white" is covered with fabric, press again firmly. Draw a 9 inch square on the muslin back and step through all layers a 1/4 inch inside the line

13. Here you can see the sewn line all around the block

14. Cut the block square to 9 inch using the drawn line as your cutting line

15. Write on the back "sewing done by....." Remember the block should finish by 8 inch, so don't write too narrow to the edge