Engel Bee



1. You need:

Fabric for the top, fabric for the back, optional light colored

A piece of Fast to Fuse (FTF) or Timtex or any other brand



2. Put the FTF between both fabrics and bond them with a hot iron. Let cool.

FTF has glue on both sides, other brands you may have to spray glue or put a fusible web between.

Cut to the desired size.


3. Cover the raw edges with an utility stitch of your choice.

Experiment with different stitches and threads until you like the result. The corners are a little bit tricky, so try your best, but don't worry about being perfect.


4. Now you are ready to embellish your little pieces. Let you lead by the pattern or let your imagination go wild.

You can use needle and thread, but also glue or other methods to put the items on. Just take care they don't get loose.


5. With a permanent pen write your first name, EB and the year on the back of the inchies.

Congratulations. You are done.