Engel Bee



1. Two Squares - Top & Bottom, any size up to 4 inch plus seam
Surround the pattern in a distance between 1/8 to 1/4 inch with a straight triple stitch (bean stitch). Then cut to size adding seamallowance.

2. Lay the squares out as shown, a corner meeting the center of a side. With a matching thread whipstitch the pieces together, catching only the stitches, not the fabric.

3. At the corner just keep on sewing and the point will form like magic.

4. When you went over the last corner it's time to fill. Don't overdo it. Test if you can press the center flat and if the corners are looking full. Then it's enough. Close the opening by continuing the whipstitch. Knot at the end and hide the tail inside.

5. Your Biscornu is finished. Now let your creativity come out and embellish to your hearts desire.