2015 Star

21 inch Diameter


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  First of all you need to make the template. Take a sheet of paper, a pencil, a ruler and a pair of scissors. Cut out a 2 1/2 inch square. Draw a diagonal line and fold one corner to the line.

  Draw an 8 inch square. Lay the folded square as shown in the photo in a corner. Extend the line from the diagonal and the left side. This is your template. Cut it out. Ignore my other markings.
Material needed: 6 different fabrics, optional Fat Quarters or leftovers from another project  




Fabric A: 8 squares, 3 inch  
Fabric B: 16 squares, 3 inch  
Fabric C: 8 squares, 3 inch  
Fabric D: 8 rectangles, 3 x 5 1/2 inch (yes, only 8)  
Fabric E: 4 squares, 3 inch  
Fabric F: 4 squares, 3 inch  
If you want to use less fabrics, you can substitute E and F with A, B or C.  

  Sew the 16 B squares to the 8 A and 8 C squares. Press seam to B.

  Make 8 Four Patch Blocks. Press seam clockwise as shown.

  Sew 2 E and 2 F squares to 4 D rectangles. Press seam to D.

  Sew 4 D rectangles to 4 Four Patch Blocks. Take care of the proper side. Press seam to D.

  Sew the left rectangle units to the bottom of the block. Press seam to D.

This is what your 4 finished blocks should look like. The size should measure 8 inch square. Trim if needed.


  Now it's time to grab your template and to lay it on your block. The point meeting the corner of E/F. The sides matching with the Four Patch.

  Cut, but don't throw away the excess pieces. Take care not to shift the template while cutting.

  Remove the corner bits.

  Lay your left 4 Four Patch blocks out and add the distorted rectangles and the E,F squares as done before.

  The blocks may look a little weird, but as you can see, they still fit with the template. Cut out the needed 4 units. Now you can throw away the rest.

  Sew together 2 units, take care of alternating the colors E and F always on the same side. Press the seams open. Don't forget the seams are on the bias, so avoid any distorting. Now sew again two pieces together to get 2 star halves. Finish your star by sewing the last seam.

Tip: Sew the center first. If your center does not match you have only to rip out these stitches to make it fit better. Then finish the rest of the seam.