about 9 to 9 1/2 inch before cutting

Material needed for one block (if possible use batiks):

medium to dark blue:  1 square about 9 1/4 inch to 9 1/2 inch

bright colormix of creme, lime, pink, purple, light blue

1 square 8 inch,     1 square 6 inch,     1 square 4 inch


1. cut your squares

2. on the background square mark the vertical and horizontal half by making folds

3. fold the 8 inch square in half, press fold

4. fold again to get a square, press fold

5. use a compass or cut freehand a quarter circle, it doesn't have to be perfect

6. center the circle on the background fabric, right sides facing you, matching the folds, pin

7. sew the circle down with a matching thread 1/4 inch from the raw edge, repeat with a second stepline 1/8 inch from the edge

8. turn the block to the back, cut out background 1/4 inch from the stepline. Take care and don't cut through the top fabric!

9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 until all 3 circles are sewn to the background

10. iron the block, DO NOT cut it back to 9 inch

The next step would be cutting the block into quarters. Mixing the quarter units with others and sewing the block back into a trimmed  8 1/2 inch block. The Bullseye blocks are then arranged in a pleasing layout and sewn into a top. Finally you put the top either at the usual Ufo pile or you are brave enough to turn it into a finished quilt.